Know These before Getting Dental Implants

If you have a dental implants consultation lined up, there are some easy questions you can ask. Since it’s a surgical procedure that involves a few different stages, some potential patients may have reservations—especially those patients with dental anxiety.

First, familiarize yourself with your dentist’s case history. Your surgeon is glad to share details of his experience and recent work. Our dental implant expert in Beverly Hills completed extensive post-graduate training to specialize in implants.

Next, you may want to ask about potential risks and side effects. These exist, but most are settled in your approval process. For example, if you have a history of heart attack, if you have addiction or dependency, or if you take drugs for cancer treatment or immune deficiency, you may not qualify for implants. Or if you qualify, you may face higher risk of implant failure.

If you qualify, you can look forward to at least a decade with your implants. In a high number of cases, the lifespan is even longer. Just stay committed to your oral health, and keep up with your office visits.

Implants are typically installed in two or three stages, with several weeks of bone integration between the stages. If you are not ready for such a deliberate process, talk to your dentist about other options.

Contact our group for more facts about dental implants.


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