How are Dental Bridges Placed?

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Dental bridges are stationary tooth replacements that anchor artificial teeth to adjacent teeth or implants. The artificial teeth used in bridges are often tooth colored, but gold or other metals may also be used, particularly near the back of the mouth. Here is how this treatment works.

First Steps to a Bridge

Abutment preparation is the first part of bridge placement. Our San Fernando Valley dentist removes some enamel from neighboring teeth, allowing them to accommodate crowns. Otherwise, implants may be placed next to the gap as abutments. Impressions are taken for use in making the custom bridges at a lab. Our dentist also may put a temporary bridge in place for protection until the next visit.

Next Steps in Bridge Placement

After our dentist has received the new bridge from the manufacturing lab, removal of the temporary bridge occurs and permanent bridge placement begins. Fit is monitored closely for comfort, performance and preservation of other teeth. When our dentist is certain that the fit is correct, possibly assessing it over multiple visits, the bridge is bonded in place permanently.

If you care for your bridge properly, it can last for more than a decade. You can schedule a consultation with our expert in dental bridges to find out if a bridge is the right tooth replacement for you.


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