Tooth Whitening After Braces

Young black woman with braces

Many patients wear braces for many months, even years, before their teeth reach healthy positions and their appliance can be removed. One of the negative effects of having braces is that the brackets are bonded to the teeth and cannot be removed during treatment. This means that the teeth might look funny once they come off, as part of them have been exposed to foods, drinks, and the elements, and part of them have not.

Many orthodontic patients opt for teeth whitening treatment after their braces are removed. Our tooth whitening doctor in Beverly Hills might be able to supply you with a take-home kit, or recommend you do treatment in-office. Take home kits include trays custom-designed to fit your arches exactly. This ensures the whitening material will reach everywhere it needs to, but avoids your lips and gums, which could be harmed if in contact. Most see results within a few days of use.

In-office treatment, however, is typically more effective. Our dentist will use a blocker to protect you lips and gums, and apply the whitening gel or liquid directly onto the individual teeth. Most treatment types last between half an hour and forty-five minutes, and brighten the teeth between eight and ten shades.


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