Do Invisible Braces Exist?

Beautiful surprised woman isolated on white

Everyone’s least favorite part of orthodontic treatment is their appearance. The metal brackets, wires, and rubber bands completely take over the smile and affect overall appearance. This makes getting braces a negative experience, and even stops some from straightening their teeth and correcting their bite. Fortunately, modern orthodontics now offers invisible braces.

Invisible braces are also called Invisalign. The appliance used for this treatment, referred to as aligners, look and work much different than braces. They fit around the teeth like mouth guards, and push the teeth into place, instead of pull, as braces do. Invisalign aligners are completely see-through. Patients often report that they can go several days before anyone notices they are wearing an appliance. Other benefits of Invisalign include removability, durability, and seamlessness.

This treatment is perfect for many different types of patients. Professionals can continue their work while maintaining a sophisticated appearance, and students can avoid any social awkwardness that comes with a very noticeable appliance. Invisalign offers Full, Express, and Teen treatments. Other options for less noticeable treatments include ceramic braces and lingual braces. Our Rocklin orthodontics team can conduct an exam at a consultation appointment to determine your candidacy.


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