How to Prepare for Common Dental Emergencies


Dental emergencies need kits, just like any other home emergency. Having the right items on hand can make all the difference in saving a tooth.

Your oral first aid kit should contain most or all of the following:

• Cotton balls/swabs
• Sterile gauze
• A toothbrush, unopened or sterilized
• Dental floss
• Dental wax and/or paraffin
• Latex gloves
• Instant ice pack
• Hydrogen peroxide

Teeth that are knocked out, or avulsed, may need different treatment depending on whether the tooth is permanent/adult or not. If your child loses a tooth due to injury or accident, call your 24/7 dentist in Los Angeles for over-the-phone triage. If you or anyone else over adolescent age lost the tooth, retrieve it if you can and either reinsert it temporarily, or place it in milk or water.

If you have severe toothache, manage it with aspirin. But take it orally, and do not apply it to the sore tooth itself, as it can burn your gum.

If you have a broken tooth that’s still in place, use the ice pack to control swelling. Don’t keep the ice pack on your face for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

For these and any other dental emergency in Los Angeles, call our group day or night.


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