What to Ask during Your Smile Makeover Consultation

Young business woman smiling

A consultation is the first step towards getting a smile makeover. At this appointment, you will have the chance to ask questions and prepare for your upcoming cosmetic dental treatment plan. Below, you can read some questions to consider asking at this visit.

What Flaws Are Present?

An exam may reveal any number of flaws involving the color, structure or position of your teeth. You may want to address all or just some of these flaws. Furthermore, you may want to prioritize your treatment plan based on which flaws bother you most.

What Treatments Can Be Used?

Any cosmetic dental treatment may be included in a smile makeover. Some options, such as crowns and veneers, can address more than one flaw at a time. Knowing which options you have allows you to decide which are most efficient for your goals.
How Many Visits Do You Need?

Some treatments can be finished quickly in a single session, but others take longer or require multiple appointments. This information can help you plan out your makeover timeline.

The planning process is a big part of what makes smile makeovers special. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist to get started planning your own Beverly Hills smile makeover.


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