Common Dental Emergencies


Part of the panic involved in dental emergencies is that they can happen at any time. So not only can they be painful, but you might also be panicking trying to think of what to do. Knowing more about some common dental emergencies can help you remain calm and get the help you need.

Losing a tooth is one emergency that will be both painful and hectic. If one of your teeth has been knocked-out and you can locate it, be careful not to pick it up by the roots. Holding it by the cusps, try to place it back in its socket, if possible. If not, you can put it in a cup of milk or a tooth preservation kit, but not tap water.

A chipped tooth can benefit from rinsing out the mouth with warm water to get rid of any debris that can harm the inside of the tooth. You can apply a cold compress to the area and take an over the counter pain reliever to ease the situation.

Other common dental emergencies include loose teeth, fractures, and lost restorations. In any of these cases, be sure to contact our dental emergency dentist as soon as possible, so they can assess the situation and begin repairs.


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