What are Dental Bridges Used for?


With the right care and attention, all of our teeth should be able to last our whole lives. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, often due to physical accidents and poor dental hygiene. Patients who have lost a tooth or teeth have a few options for replacement, one of which is dental bridges.

Dental bridges are comprised of as many pontic (fake) teeth as necessary and dental crowns. These dental crowns are attached to the real teeth on either side of the gap. This is how the bridge is attached and stays in place.

The benefits of dental bridges are multiple. These are permanent restorations that are easy to clean every day. They are perfect for those who want a restoration that stays in place and cannot be removed, unlike dentures, yet does not need to fuse with the jaw bone, like implants do. Patients can enjoy stability while biting and chewing, and do not have to worry about any slipping, or waiting until their restoration is completely healed.

Only two appointments are required to get a dental bridged placed. During the first appointment, the adjacent teeth are prepared for crowns and impressions are taken to be used to create the bridge. Patients can then wear a temporary restoration until the second appointment, when the permanent one is placed.


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