Does Teeth Whitening Work for Everyone?

Portrait Of Adult Daughter With Mother At Home

It’s okay to be excited about teeth whitening, as long as you know the limits. Whether it’s over-the-counter whiteners or in-office care, no whitening can really be permanent. And for some teeth, there’s no escaping darker color.

Teeth may be naturally white, but they’re also naturally yellow. That’s the dominant color of the dentin, the core material underneath the blissy white enamel. It follows that as we age, our teeth become less white and more yellow—the enamel erodes, and the dentin starts to show.

This yellowing is exacerbated by poor dental hygiene and bad practices like smoking, using tobacco products, or not brushing faithfully. Over the years, two kinds of stains will develop. Extrinsic stains are the ones caused by smoking, and by eating and drinking high-stain items like coffee or berries. Intrinsic stains are in the dentin, and relate more to trauma, decay, or too much fluoride.

Whitening really will take care of your extrinsic stains, at least temporarily. For intrinsic stains, you may need to consider another treatment. Teeth discolored due to a dental trauma are usually beyond saving.

Contact your cosmetic dentist in San Fernando Valley for more.


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