How is a Broken Tooth Fixed?

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Broken teeth can occur in many ways, including from accidents, assaults, and hard foods. Fortunately, these teeth can also be repaired in a variety of ways. Depending on how badly a tooth is broken and what the goal of the patient is, one of the following options may be recommended.



This involves applying a custom-tinted, tooth-colored resin to the enamel, shaping, and then hardening it. This is likely to be advised for minor breaks, such as chips.



If a significant portion of a tooth is broken off and patients still have the piece in good condition, our dentist may be able to reattach it. Reattachment may also require root canal therapy even if it is possible.


Crown or Veneer

If a tooth is broken but the pulp is not exposed, a veneer may be used to hide the damage. On the other hand, a combination of a root canal and dental crown may be advised for a more severely broken tooth.

When a tooth is broken, treatment should be sought right away for the best prognosis. Prompt care may also prevent more expensive care from being necessary later. At a consultation with our Houston dentist, patients can learn more about our treatments for broken teeth.


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