Smile Makeovers: Making the Right Decision

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If you’ve ever considered the possibility of going through the process of a smile makeover, we know you have a lot of options. Making the right decision about the best way to improve the appearance of your teeth isn’t easy, but our specially-trained dentists and aestheticians will help you choose the best way to achieve the smile of your dreams.


The course of action your dentist recommends will depend on the imperfection or combination of imperfections your smile suffers from. If your teeth are discolored through either neglect or lifestyle, you can bleach them or have dental veneers affixed to the front of them. Your teeth can be re-contoured with a tapered drill, or replaced entirely with a set of dental implants. No matter the problems you struggle with, our dentists will be able to find the right treatment plan to suit your particular needs. There is no limit to what can be achieved with today’s technological resources.


How much does a smile makeover cost? To put it bluntly, it depends on what needs to be done. Some types of treatment are quite affordable, and will only require a very minimal amount of time commitment on the part of the recipient. Others are quite a bit more involved, both financially and in terms of how many office visits they will require to complete. On the pricier end of things are enhancements like full-on dental implants, which will require surgery to have put in. At the end of the day, it really comes down to what the right decision is for your teeth and your lifestyle.


If you’re still unsure about what the right choice is for you, please do not hesitate to give our office a call. We help hundreds of patients just like you every day find the confidence they desire. Come in for an appointment and become yet another success story.


Do I Need a Sleep Study?

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Americans are among the most overworked people on earth, and some of the least rested. Insufficient sleep, while a drag on productivity, can also become a health concern. Glucose levels can rise if sleep is frequently interrupted or if stress levels during sleep remain high. And bad glucose readings can result in a diabetes diagnosis you don’t want.


In as many as 18 million Americans, the cause of insufficient sleep is an actual disorder. It’s called obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. This disorder interrupts sleep with little breathing accidents, called apneas. For many of them, you stop breathing entirely, causing the brain to startle you awake. This can be terrifying, or as commonly as the need to get up to urinate. While getting up to urinate can be a marker of sleep apnea, know that you’re getting up for the wrong reason (urination) and not simply because your airflow was deprived.


Despite an array of risk pools—obesity, being male, being middle-aged, being alcoholic—sleep apnea can be hard to diagnose. The symptoms, at least, are clear and may include any or all of the following: multiple wakeups per night, morning headaches or sore throat, drowsiness or fatigue during the day, reduced concentration, irritability, and lowered libido.


Many physicians prefer to observe sleep patterns up close before their determination. To do this, they may commission a sleep study—either in a clinic, or at home. This process is called polysomnography and is used to diagnose sleep disorders across the board—REM sleep behavior disorder, sleepwalking, insomnia, restless legs syndrome. It’s also very reliable in picking a treatment course for sleep apnea patients.


With the help of your at-home or clinical test, we can put you on the road to recovery, with better sleep and better health. Even if it’s only a lifestyle fix—eating better and/or losing weight—getting a diagnosis is the first step toward managing a subtle and disruptive health issue.

Can I Get Minimal Prep Veneers?


It’s hard when gaps or discoloration of teeth get in the way of socializing. Even worse is when these cosmetic issues make a person too embarrassed to smile or even go outside. It may seem extreme, but our San Francisco cosmetic dentist has heard it all. Many patients cringe at the thought of having to fix their cracked or stained teeth. It brings up horrible images of drills and painful bleaching. Thankfully, minimal prep veneers are available.

Minimal prep veneers are a great alternative to whitening, oral surgery, and even the traditional placement of veneers. Much like the traditional type, the minimal prep is adhesively bound to the front surface of teeth. What’s nice is this doesn’t involve any reduction of the original teeth. There are even situations when local anesthetic doesn’t have to be used, which makes the procedure more comfortable and quicker.

This is a great way for adolescents and adults to effectively cover up innumerable cosmetic dental conditions. These might include:

Chipped or cracked teeth
Slightly discolored or stained teeth
Gaps or spaces
Misshapen, fanged, or slightly misaligned teeth
Slightly crowded, worn, or even smaller teeth.

Patients now can easily access fast, long-lasting, and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. This treatment can also be less costly, depending on the condition of the patient. There are plenty of advantages to getting minimal prep veneers in San Francisco. The most important thing is changing that unbecoming smile to something you can be proud of. This has to be taken on a case by case basis. Even then, you have every right to seek out a whiter and brighter smile.

Of course, your best bet is consulting with a dentist. They’ll let you know if you qualify for minimal prep veneers, or if you need more extensive cosmetic work.

How To Keep Invisalign Trays Clear

Doctors Showing Aligners - 4If you’re considering choosing the Invisalign system, you may be curious how patients effectively keep their aligners clean. Although orthodontists tend to have their own opinions on the matter, there are several techniques patients swear by to keep their trays completely clear. Here is a list of tricks you can use when cleaning your Invisalign trays:

Use cold water- Cold water is the most effective solution to remove dried saliva buildup. Rinsing frequently will eliminate any bacteria hiding in your trays.

Avoid hot water- As tempting as it may be, do not put your aligners in the dishwasher or soak them in warm water. Doing so will damage the plastic and cost you a replacement.

Brush and Floss- If you pay special attention to your dental hygiene routine and thoroughly clean your teeth before inserting your trays, you will do wonders in keeping your aligners clean.

Use Soap- Many patients and professionals consider soap a better alternative to toothpaste. Scrubbing your aligners with soap and a soft-bristled brush will combat cloudiness and discoloration.

Denture cleaner- Choose clear denture or retainer cleaner as opposed to colored mouthwash, which can tint your trays.

For more information about the Invisalign system, contact our Invisalign doctor.

How Invisalign Teen Works

Doctors Showing AlignersTeens who need orthodontic treatment once only had the option of metal braces. Metal braces are highly effective, but they are also highly visible, which can make kids feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Today, there is another option. Invisalign Teen allows teens to straighten their teeth with clear aligners. They can brush and floss normally without metal, brackets or wires. Our cosmetic dentist in Huntington Beach can help you decide if Invisalign Teen is the right choice for your teen.

Invisalign Teen is similar to the classic Invisalign system but has been customized just for teens. It features free replacement aligners in case some are lost or broken, color changing indicators to remind teens to wear and change their aligners as prescribed and eruption tabs to accommodate growth. The series of clear, removable aligners are easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Teens remove the aligners only to eat, drink, brush and floss, and they will wear each set of aligners for about two weeks. The aligners will move their teeth gradually until their new smile emerges. Periodically, they will return to our office for a check-up and monitoring of their progress. Most teens will wear aligners for 12 to 18 months, but individual needs can vary. Call our office to learn more about Invisalign Teen in Huntington Beach or to schedule a consultation with our team.

Are Dental Veneers Uncomfortable?


Many are resolving their dental issues these days with veneers. They come in a litany of colors and materials. But the process is perhaps what concerns patients most of all. Before the procedure begins, and the dentist sets to removing enamel, the surrounding area is usually numbed. This ensures that discomfort is kept at a minimum. The process can be simple. Now how about actually wearing the veneers themselves?

Though a Los Angeles veneers dentist will tell you the placement procedure is typically pain-free, it never hurts to ask. Even those with sensitive teeth can get through it without too much discomfort. The big thing is resuscitating that smile.

A common discomfort comes from the change in a patient’s bite. Post-op pain comes from putting pressure on the veneers. Contacting the dentist can help in changing the bite and adjusting everything so it sits comfortably. Gum tissue can also be sensitive for a time. If there is lots of irritation, there could be a problem with the nerves or the pulp in the tooth. An endodontist may need to be consulted. Nerves have a penchant for becoming agitated after dental veneers are put on. Be vigilant and make sure to get that smile back.

Is there a Veneers Diet?

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If you’re looking into getting veneers, you may be wondering if you have to adhere to a specific diet. Fortunately, dental veneers are practically as strong as your natural teeth, so you can expect little to no hiccups along the way. Regarding your everyday diet, there are definitely preventative measures you can take, but overall, you should feel as you did before your procedure.

Porcelain veneers are thin, porcelain shells that are attached to the front surface of highly visible teeth. In order to apply your veneers, our West Hollywood dentist must remove a thin layer of enamel from the surface of your tooth. This is done to create a very natural appearance and will not negatively affect the health of your overall tooth.

After your veneers are permanently applied to your smile, your teeth should feel normal. You will be able to enjoy the foods and beverages you love, and your smile will prove to be stain resistant. With this in mind, there are still foods you may want to enjoy in moderation, including hard candy and snacks, heavy alcohol consumption, and tobacco.

Call our office to set up an appointment with our veneers expert who can address any questions you have about cosmetic dentistry.